Dr650 mods

The DRSE engine has an outstanding reputation for long, trouble-free service life. Of course, it should go without saying that proper maintenance is the key to that longevity, and Suzuki's engineers have made your life easy in that regard. The DR is a remarkably friendly bike to work on, generally. It's also a well designed, low-stressed engine, with an excellent lubrication system. We don't want to scare you off but even the best engineered mechanical devices can have issues in assembly and design.

The DR is no exception. Suzuki did a great job with the DR but over the years certain items have surfaced in a repeating pattern. We will cover those items and let you know what years the issues affect below.

Note: Starting in year model Suzuki has started using threadlocker on these screws! Better late than never right? Suzuki has recently started installing a countershaft seal retainer on their later model DR machines to address this known issue. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Nothing's perfect, though Loosen them when the engine is at full operating temperature! If you are planning on doing a valve adjustment crack the plug loose the night before. It is held in place by two screws. There are very rare instances where these screws have backed out and fallen into the engine. I'm sure everyone can imagine the carnage if one of those screws managed to bounce between a connecting rod and a crankshaft lobe at rpm.

Now throw in the image of hot oil spilling out of your engine all over the rear tire at 70 mph as the engine locks up. Not pleasant. Clearly, this is a worst-case scenario, but you get the idea.Televising the Paris Dakar rally spawned European desire for replicas of the Enduro motorcycles used.

These were liquid cooled machines with high capacity fuel tanks and half fairings, configured primarily for touring but could handle neglected pavement, gravel, dirt roads and trails.

Adventure Modifications

The big ADVs sold well, soaking up bumps and potholes with soft long travel suspension and eating up miles with a comfortable straight riding position, good visibility and modern styling.

The concept of recreational motorcycle exploration also captured American attention in the late eighties. Again, Honda and Suzuki used their air cooled cc dirt bikes as the as the platform to satisfy this burgeoning market. Displacement was boosted to cc to provide more torque to haul cargo and horsepower for efficient cruising. Electric start brought the bikes in line with street norms. Honda's history of durability and quality earned favored status when it entered the Dual Sport niche.

However, the XRL has suffered a complete lack of development throughout its decades of production. In contrast, Suzuki has continued to develop their DR to satisfy the Dual Sport market and master the delicate balance between smooth street performance and nimble off road handling. The current DRs have shed the loud graphics and white side covers in favour of subdued solid colors. This illustrates the Zook's broad range of appeal, first bike, commuter, runabout, Dual Sport and with the help of some aftermarket parts, an excellent adventure bike or even round the world bike.

The XRL suffers from a weak sub-frame that can snap under heavy loads. The gap in the gear ratios leads to excessive shifts between first and second.

The tall seat height is a problem for short legged riders and the rear location of the battery box exposes it to damage.

DR650 Performance Upgrade Carb Mod FCR 42MM Complete Carburetor For Sale

The lack of cush drive shortens the life of bearings, countershaft, gears and sprockets. However, sometimes you're just a Honda guy and that's where the debate ends. The focus shifts to getting the desired performance upgrades. XRs Only, have a large selection of stock and aftermarket parts. Check out the below table too. A cush drive is a set of rubber blocks sandwiched between the rear sprocket and wheel hub. It cushions the drive components from the thumper's torque pulses when ridden on the street.

The XRL has still managed to sell in large quantities and has successfully completed trans-continental adventures. There are abundant aftermarket accessories that address its lack of development, listed at the bottom of the page.

However, it's not the most economical route, unless you can snag a clean used example. If you want the most dirt capable bike with electric start then pick the XRL. Unless you are desert racing, the lack of oil cooler shouldn't be a problem once the motor is uncorked. The DR is not perfect either but has the least compromises and issues to resolve. Screws securing the NSU, the internal switch that activates the neutral light, have a tendency to come loose and destroy the motor.

The Philips head screws need to be replaced and secured with safety wire, a photo tutorial is available. Also, remove the upper chain roller and check for dry steering head bearings.

Kawasaki's KLR motor is liquid cooled and fuel injected, a comparatively heavy and complex powerplant. Valve adjustment is achieved by changing shims.

Water cooled engines are more vulnerable in theory but any bike can be taken out in a drop. Oil coolers are equally exposed as radiators. The real issue is weight. Dual Sports are designed for exploring trails; heavier bikes with soft suspension are less nimble and ultimately less fun. Deep mud and steep inclines penalize heavy bikes most, bogging down and difficulty recovering after each drop gets frustrating.Includes everything needed to run on a motorcycle properly.

This carb is designed With Suzuki Performance Parts specifically for a 4 stroke cc engine. All parts can be purchased at any Dirt Bike Brand dealer worldwide if ever needed on the trail! Two-stroke carbs, such as Lectron and Smart Carb, work well on all engines! This video shows a completely stock DR with only a full exhaust and this carb upgrade. Below is what will be included in this purchase when you select all upgrade option buttons:.

Note: These carbs are set to order! No need for returns when compatibility and product quality is covered. If any issues with fitment are encountered during the process of your order, we will be sure to contact you. But please be sure to add a cell phone number convenient email during your order placement. Your email address will not be published. Additional shipping costs for a product will show when your region is selected on the checkout page under shipping.

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dr650 mods

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Welcome to our store! Parts for sale information below. Update-new bike in the shop currently getting a full build!The Suzuki DR is a long-standing model in Suzuki's lineup, introduced in as a replacement for the DR model. It has a 13 L fuel tank.

Geared for the do-it-yourselfer that already has a TM40 or HS This kit supplies everything you need to convert it for use on your bike.

Kit includes intake and air boot adapters, throttle cables, choke knob, accelerator pump nozzle, a wide selection of main and pilot jets plus a TM40 tuning manual. Want an amazing increase in throttle response? More power over a much wider range? Our complete kit comes with alloy adapter rings bonded to the carburetor body for a firm reliable fit in the stock air boots.

We also include new low friction cables, an extended fuel screw, complete instructions along with a wide range of extra jetting for fine tuning. It even has a vacuum port for the stock fuel petcock. The carburetor comes pre-jetted for the typical mods: performance pipe and modified air box, or we can set it up for your particular bike before we ship it out. Instead of the tough to reach choke knob, all TM40's come with a remote choke and bracket. This makes it easier to reach the knob, especially if you have an oversize tank.

All this means going even faster has never been so easy, say goodbye to hard starting, hesitations and flat spots. The jet kit for riders who want their bike to run well but do not want to modify the air box.

dr650 mods

Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling. No air box modification. Includes: a main jet selection, adjustable titanium needle, clips with extraspilot jet, instructions. This kit includes 2 needles that have been developed by JD Jetting and manufactured for them to their exacting specifications.

These two needles allow a wide range of tuning possibilities and provide correct fuel delivery at any throttle position.

Complete instructions with photos, jetting suggestions for different set-ups and situations, 5 Main Jets, a new Pilot Jet, and a drill bit complete the package. Enough jetting to cover most modifications or altitudes. Includes the extended fuel mixture screw and stainless steel Allen screws for the float bowl and top cap.

Also included are new Viton o-rings for the float. Comes with easy to understand detailed instructions and diagrams. Includes a template for modifying the air box. As a bonus we have included Viton o-rings for the float assembly and 4 stainless steel allen screws.Johnny Rhodes 25 May The DR has been used in the military, in enduro competition, in movie sets and some even call it the swiss army knife of dirt bikes.

Well because they are virtually bulletproof, require low maintenance and have huge reliability, strength, power and good cruising speed. They are also super versatile and can be used for the road dual sportadventure riding as well as hardcore enduro trails.

There are also plenty of parts for them and there is no real difference between the and the models which makes the DR amazingly good for parts, maintenance and reliability.

In this article I will be going through the bikes specs as well as lay out some tough parts and accessories to make the DR even better. Because they are virtually the same bike! If you check the specs between the and models, the specs are identical.

As all DR models are virtually identical between tomy recommended parts will fit older models. You can comfortably cruise along at about 70 MPH with factory standard gearing on the DR which makes it good for freeway use if you are planning a road adventure.

The only color available for the DR is black. The stock handlebars are terrible for long distance riding. They are just too uncomfortable, especially when standing up on the pegs. They have a higher bend that makes riding way more comfortable for long distance adventure rides. The factory seat that comes with the Suzuki DR does the job but gets uncomfortable after a few hours of riding in the saddle.

It is super high quality, nice and wide and probably the softest, most comfortable seat out there. It has hundreds of 5 star reviews online. They come in low, standard and high profile depending on your personal height. They also have carbon fiber patterned sides which gives the bike that custom racing look. If you need to stop the bike on soft surfaces, the stand digs right in which means that the bike usually tips over.

Check out the Tusk aluminium Panniers and Pannier Racks that come in black or silver. These panniers are a fan favorite among adventure bike riders because they are easy to install, hold heaps of luggage, are not too wide and sit perfectly onto the Suzuki DR as well as plenty of other makes of bikes.

I recommend the medium size as the large size is a bit too big for the back of the bike.A lot of guys love them, a few hate them. Here are the good points, bad points, and needed mods. In a nutshell, the DRSE is an extremely cheap reliable dual-purpose bike that has had almost no changes since its release in Given its age, it is heavy, the suspension is very old-fashioned and it is not a fast bike, yet part of the reason for its popularity and lack of updates is the original design works so well for certain riding styles.

Torque, torque and more torque - The DR was never designed to rev. It put outs heaps of low end power and very respectable mid-range power.

My Suzuki DR650 Mods

This is ideal for most styles of riding that don't involve a lot of speed. DR reliability - heavy and old-fashioned, but built to last. The DRSE is famous for needing little apart from infrequent oil changes to last for years with minimal maintenance. There are a few minor issues see the section below but this is a short list compared to most bikes. Handling and versatility of the DRSE - the suspension is too soft for true dirt riding, but nonetheless the DR is set up very well for handling road, adventure and easy trail riding.

It's closest competitor, the Kawasaki KLR is more comfortable on the highway, but lacks the do-everything nature of the DR Fuel range and economy - the tank is surprisingly small given how often the DR is used as an adventure bike, but the economical engine normally goes to km or miles before hitting reserve with easy riding.

Cheap - price-wise the only competitor is the KLR If budget is important then it is hard to go past the DR as a dual purpose bike in the range.

Seat height and ergonomics : An advantage of the older design is the DR doesn't sit as high as many modern bikes, so suits shorter riders easily.

Basic DR650 performance mods?

If you still find the DR too high, there is an alternative bolt hole for the rear suspension to lower the bike further, then just slip the front forks a bit in your triple clamps to suit. However, the DR starts to get cramped for riders over six feet or cm height suggested mods below. You can view our Youtube video of common DR mods here.

dr650 mods

As anyone knows, every single model of bike has issues, no matter how hard the manufacturer works to fix known issues. This is a fairly comprehensive list, but far shorter than most bikes would have, so don't let it discourage you from considering the DR We just want you to be fully aware of the main potential issues.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by shojimonSep 3, Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. Basic DR performance mods? What sort of basic Airbox ,carb and exhaust mods have you made?

I want to enhance the performance of my bike, without a great deal of internal modification like to stay away from cams, pistons, etc. Is there a tried and true combination of exhaust, carb and airbox work that will release a few ponies? Yes, I know there is a DR thread but it is very hard to sift through all the pages to come up with relevant info.

dr650 mods

Remove the carb and drill out the plug over the air screw being careful not to drill the screw itself. Change the main jet to a starting point of I also placed a small washer under the needle to raise it.

The washer does not raise the needle as much as a clip position does on carbs with clips on the needle.

good stuff about the SUZUKI DR650

Remove header pipe and grind down the weld just inside of the pipe to allow better flow. Drop a tooth on your counter-shaft sprocket, two if your doing 90 percent dirt. I also run a high compression piston which gave great results. Jetting is the same for stock or high comp piston. ADV Sponsors. Joined: Jun 6, Oddometer: Location: Minnesota. Jesse's got a kit and pictures on his site.

Joined: Feb 14, Oddometer: Location: Tucson. Everything Ram said except be aware if you open the airbox that much and jet that rich gas mileage will suffer. It will make more horespower. Depending on your altitude I would recommend, remove snorkel only, washer under needle.

FMF exhaust. Reading gps. Mixture screw is a must. This will be close. If you grind the exhaust inside heli-arc the outside diameter. All is approximate depending on elevation, weather conditions, rider weight, how you ride. Hope this is some help.

This is a great do-all bike. Also found Metzler tourance to be a great tire on and off road for me. Ride safe! Not engine related but I did get rid of the dirt bike front fender for a supermoto Acerbis. The stock fender catches a lot of air above 60mph, has more downforce but a lot of drag.

Not a good mod if you ride a lot of mud though. Probably help mileage and top speed a little.


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